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The Polytechnical University of Kabul (PUK) 

The Polytechnical University of Kabul (PUK) was established on an area of 60 hectars in December 1963. The university has three faculties with 19 sub-departments, including 11 professional and 8 general subject departments. 

The PUK is the basic center of the training of professional engineering cadres in Afghanistan. It has trained more than 4.500 specialists to obtain Bachelors of Science, Masters of Science or PhDs. The leaders of most production organizations have graduated from this university.

A third of the academic staff at the PIK are PhDs, two thirds hold Masters of Science-degrees.  55% of them are full-time professors, whereas 45% are associate professors, working in ministries, businesses and industries, facing practical problems of their profession day by day. Hence, by this close link of our staff, we keep alive the connection between theory and the real world's present day problems in Afghanistan.

Unfortunately the war that took place during the last decades in Afghanistan damaged some of the most needed facilities of the university, such as the library, press center, laboratories, mechanical workshops, the water, sewage and power supply system.

If you or your organization is interested in supporting the Afghan people in its rehabilitation, we would greatly appreciate any involvement at the Polytechnical University of Kabul. For contact, please refer directly to the Vice-President of the PUK, Mr. Faqiri

The two main buildings of university.
The two main buildings of the university. 
Faculty of Construction
Faculty of Electromechanics
Faculty of Geology and Mining 
Presidents of the PUK 
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Polytechnical University of Kabul

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